VBSearch is a leading direct search specialist since 1999, presently operating from offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. For our customers we often operate internationally though.

In addition to our industry-specific markets, VBSearch is dedicated to key functional competence areas technology, management and business positions

Our clients range from the world’s largest companies to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Armed with industry expertise and track record of performing challenging assignments, VBSearch serves as a strategic partner offering quality of high profile candidates and speed of execution. Today, we are the advisor of choice among mayor companies.

Backbone of our search service is the use of an actual well developed network and advanced state-of-the-art candidate database. As a specialist, we build a specialized database with pre-screened professionals over the years. The combination of this quality database and use of pro-active and modern direct marketing techniques, have consistently proven to be the most effective mean of reaching a highly targeted professional audience. With active list broking activities, continuous and regular direct digital information mails, we keep our database updated and maximize the number and quality of candidates for our own database on behalf of our clients. Our brand awareness amongst the target professionals is high, resulting in even more applicants coming directly to our business.

VBSearch support their customers to expand the frontiers of knowledge and are looking for synergies between different technology domains to expand business. As no other, VBSearch offers their customers and candidates that unique blend of professional search experience and integrated industry expertise. That form a powerful resource for tapping outstanding talent by knowledge of key technologies, candidate skills, and client environments.