RF Power Amplifier IC Design; Cell Phone/WLAN

Our client is a leading manufacturer of Cell Phone Power Amplifier ICs and PA FEMs; they seek experienced PA on IC and PA FEM Designers:

Will Design Power Amplifiers on chip, using GaAs HBT, P-HEMT or Silicon device technologies for lower power applications like Cell Phone, WLAN.


Job Description:

Design and development of WiFi and WiMAX power amplifiers (PAs) and front-end modules (FEMs) used in portable applications.  FEM designs involve the integration of a broad suite of RF technologies including, GaAs HBT PAs, GaAs pHEMT PAs and switches, SAW and BAW RF filters. The design of PAs, switches and DC bias control circuitry at the GaAs IC level will be required, as well as module level design and integration.  The primary CAD tools employed in our design process are ADS or AWR MO for circuit design and layout, Sonnet or Momentum for electromagnetic simulations and EPD/AutoCAD for module substrate layouts.  The design engineer will also perform device and circuit level characterization and diagnostics using the latest state of the art in RF/microwave test equipment.


Design, analysis and simulation of RF/Microwave circuits using ADS or AWR MO IC and module layout using ADS, AWR MO and/or AutoCAD w/EPD Device and circuit test and characterization using RF/Microwave Test Equipment Preparation of reports, status presentations and product documentation.

Education and/or Experience:

MSEE, RF & Microwave training, 3-8 yrs experience in RF design and development.

Skills and knowledge required:

Proficient in analysis, simulation and design using CAD tools such as ADS and/or AWR Hands-on testing and diagnostics related RF measurement experience Good familiarity with RF/Microwave test equipment and measurement techniques.

Skills and knowledge desired:

Experience in design & development of linear, GaAs HBT and/or pHEMT Power Amplifiers

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