ST Ericsson case reference (2013)

VBSearch organized the outplacement program for the separation of the joint venture ST Ericsson in Belgium and the Netherlands . Different workshops, training and support are organised around organising and marketing a job fair, “How to apply today”, general applications (LinkedIn, Resume build, STARR). Moreover we were involved in a group transfer process to another US company among others.

To Whom it may concern:

ST-Ericsson the Netherlands has asked VBSearch & Partners to organize and lead the complete outplacement activity when our ST-Ericsson Nijmegen site was closing. Paul van Beurden and his team proved themselves as a very dynamic team with strong connection to the (international and Dutch) labor market. Combine this strong insight in the labor market with an excellent outplacement consultants and you have a very strong formula and a trusted outplacement partner, both by employees and management. We have reached a 100% success score for the employees of this site.

ST-Ericsson recommends VBSearch & Partners highly for every company who needs an outplacement partner with high success ratio. Always prepared to give further clarifications.

With Kind Regards,

Roel van der Poort
HR Director ST-Ericsson Belgium

VBSearch was granted a top supplier award by Ericsson and mentioned as the fastest succesfull outplacement program by leading newspapers.