VBSearch provides this highest level of custom made search service of identifying and assessing outstanding key-technology, business and management professionals even on a demanding deadline. Got to our reference page.

We form close partnerships with you understanding your business, technology environment and goals. Each assignment begins with an initial meeting during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and clear milestones are set.

On the basis of research, we approach potential candidates. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we meet in person for further evaluation. When an offer is made to a candidate, our consultants are available to participate in any negotiations.

You benefit from our specialized candidate database and leading opinion contacts, unparalleled industry expertise and time-proven search process. These Searches are often of highly confidential and deadline nature. At VBSearch, we are pledged to protect the sensitivity and classified details of you and candidates.

For excellent direct search Services accessing key technology, business or management professionals, please do call our Eindhoven Netherlands office:                  +31-(0)40 82 00 306 or mail: info@VBSearch.nl.